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Painters in Oakville, Milton, and area...


  This is my wife and two sons. We own and operate Schneider & Sons Painting in Milton and area and are certainly happy to be here in this beautiful location!

  I took an interest in painting at the age of 18 years when I was hired to help a painting company in Taber, Alberta. I learned the skills of painting and found that I had a passion for it. I realized too that you have to be a patient and particular person to be a painter. That I was. Painting has always given me great satisfaction. Seeing the transformation of something drabby to beautiful is always a rewarding experience.

  My wife Michelle and I were married in Taber, Alberta June 18, 1994. There, we owned and operated a painting company called Tapco Painting. We were successfully serving Southern Alberta until we sold out and moved on to Central Saskatchewan. We operated our second Painting company called Nexus Painting Ltd. Again we enjoyed serving many clients. We had our two sons Levi and Brendan and raised them on a beautiful acreage just north of Prince Albert. We sold our acreage and moved to the Dominican Republic to work as volunteers there for the next 7 years. We helped with construction projects throughout the country and offered our painting experience there. In September of 2015 we moved to Duncan, BC. where we lived for the past 5 years. We have just moved to Milton, ON. as a family to operate our company in this area including Oakville and Burlington.  We certainly look forward to serving you and your painting needs in the very near future!  

We have ourselves set up to run as efficiently as possible. Generally, the customers prefer that contractors wrap things up sooner than later so they can carry on with their lives. Once we arrive on the scene there is no reason to leave. I have always believed that having 'everything on site' before you proceed is the key to the success of every project.  

Meet my entire family! 

Meet my parents Ken and Alberta Schneider. They just celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary. I was taught at an early age to work hard and find satisfaction in my work. We were taught how to have a good work ethic and deal with the public.

  My parents have owned and operated their own Cleaning Companies over the years and currently in Duncan, BC. they are operating Cowichan Valley Cleaning. They have owned and operated this company here in Duncan, BC. since 1996.  

  My father is also a knife sharpener and enjoys providing a good service to his customers in the Duncan area on Vancouver Island.

We are a very musical family and enjoy jamming from time to time. Our two sons Levi and Brendan have both grown up around music and enjoy it just as much as I did as a young man.

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