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Factory Finish Cabinets 

Why Purchase New Cabinets when you can have yours refinished professionally?

What is our process?​​

Remove doors & hardware.

We tag each door to its hinges and handles.


It’s imperative that the complete set gets degreased before priming!

Degreasing the base unit

For paint to adhere properly this must be done to all surfaces.


Once everything is clean we mask everything we don’t want painted including counter tops, appliances, walls and floors.

Ready for primer

Once all areas are masked we can proceed with first coat of primer. We often apply two coats of primer depending on the age and condition of the Cabinets.

Spray Booth

We have the best equipment needed for the spraying process for both primer and finish coating.

Hanging Swivel

We like to spray our doors in the hanging position where we can hit all sides in one coat.

Drying Racks

Here you can see the doors hanging to dry. This is one of the finish coats.

Dust Free Sanding

We use a sander/vacuum combo that keeps our environment dust free. Sanding between coats is imperative for that factory finish!


After the Doors and Cabinet Boxes are perfectly painted we begin putting things back together.

Door Assembly

When we initially take the doors off we keep the hinges inside the cupboards where we can see exactly where they return. This avoids us having problems with alignment.


It’s always a nice final touch to put the fresh new bumpers on the doors. The old ones are removed during the degreasing process.

Happy Customers

The best part of our Cabinet projects is giving them back to the customers. We really love what we do and the process we are using.

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